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Greenterrace health clinic is specialist clinic for heart diseases. We come and help people who suffer from heart attack diseases. We always welcome for all patients or peoples who have long day work time and concern about health-fitness.

We come under leadership of Dr. X and enable to treat or maintain heart condition as well. We give free advice and comprehensive heart treatment and care with complement medicine. Our team always focuses and standby for any heart diseases prevention and treatment. We provide heart sphere approach for heart treatment with modern and the latest technology. We have practical and essential objectives with existing health care worker. We come in harmony for every heart treatment work.

Our heart sphere approach is promoting emotional and physic heart health. We give great wellbeing and technology to transform any negative condition likes anxiety, stress into positive condition. Greenterrace health clinic provide the newest technology in heart diseases based on deep understanding of physiology of breathing process. We have great connection between psychology and physiology to make positive and effective condition.

We can handle and balance heart spheres and heart reflect harmony. We are able to manage balance extreme emotion and stress proactive. Our heart sphere tool is the great emotional management tools based on ground breaking research. Our aim is achieving transformation from negative condition into positive emotional condition. We have proven as trustworthy clinic in heart diseases prevention and treatment.

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